There are several ways to work with me, which you can read more about on this page.

The “Finally Understand” Small Book Series:

These are short, easily read in a couple of hours, booklets; each broken into easily digestible topics. One of the best compliments I’ve received – although it wasn’t originally intended as such – was, “this book is something you’d expect to find in an airplane seat pocket.  It’s very simplistic.”  THAT is what I was going for.  They’re written in non-technical plain English. You do not have to be a human resources specialist or spend hours researching the topics. If you are someone who has studied federal retirement, work with it routinely, or know all about it, these books are not for you.  For everyone else, these small books will ensure you finally understand.

NOTE:  As of 7 February 2019, Finally Understand books have been pulled from Amazon for updating.  They will return very soon.

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In-Person Seminars:

Spend the day with me.  You’ll leave knowing everything you need to about your personal retirement benefits.  In-person events cover everything addressed in the virtual course but Live! Whether your agency is sponsoring sessions, or you come as an individual to one of our “community sessions”, you’ll learn from a seasoned federal human resources specialist in an interactive environment with other federal attendees.  You will learn:

  • The foundations of retirement within the federal government
  • Military and civilian deposits (aka “buy back”) and redeposit
  • Retirement eligibility
  • Computation of financial benefits including your high-3, pension, supplement, and Social Security
  • The type of things that will be subtracted from your federal pension, and the order you’ll pay them
  • Cost of living adjustments (COLA)
  • How to pick the best day to retire
  • Considerations in making a decision about survivor benefits
  • Federal and state taxes
  • Plus a whole lot more

Rest assured, unlike the free seminars some financial planners hold, for the sole purpose of mining for customers, our sessions are purely – 100% – instructional.  We provide information upon which you can then make your personal decisions.  Our seminars provide the most current, accurate, and comprehensive retirement and benefits information available.

In complete transparency and direct adherence to TSP’s Agency Advisory (add pdf I attached to the e-mail)

We do NOT: 

  • Make recommendations related to any specific financial product or service
  • Sell financial products/services, nor allow people who do, into our sessions
  • Sell supplemental financial planning or insurance services, nor allow people who do, into our sessions
  • Request or solicit employee contact information
  • Brand with the name or contact information for any financial services firm
  • Distribute business cards, flyers, or marketing materials for financial services firms
  • Contact attendees after class
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Personal Consultation

Should you decide that what you really want is one-on-one personalized benefits information, we provide private consultation services. You and I will talk on the telephone, via internet, or in-person (if I happen to be in your city) about your retirement questions and concerns.  You’ll have an opportunity to provide your paperwork and documentation to me.  I will then prepare a detailed and comprehensive personal retirement report including:

  • Your creditable service for retirement purposes
  • Calculation of your high-3 average salary
  • Calculation of your monthly annuity (and FERS Supplement if applicable)
  • Relevant, personalized information about survivor/death benefits
  • Lump sum payments available to your loved ones when you pass
  • Your Federal Employees Health Benefits and Medicare equation
  • Your Federal Employees Group Life Insurance situation and options
  • Your Federal Employees Dental & Vision Insurance options
  • Your Federal Long Term Care Insurance options
  • Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal considerations and options
  • Things for you to consider and do, moving forward

Disclaimer:  By requesting a consultation, you understand and agree to the following:  “The consultation, advisory opinion, and/or recommendations are limited and provisional.  The consultation is not able to provide exact annuity amounts.  The Office of Personnel Management, Social Security Administration, and other agencies have sole authority and responsibility for adjudicating retirement claims.”

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