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I would absolutely recommend this course to others. I was extremely impressed by Debbie’s incredible knowledge base. She is fantastic. Quality Lead, DCMA
Thank you again for your outstanding presentation yesterday. That is the best retirement-related presentation that I’ve ever seen! You have mastered a plethora of information and provide actionable details that can really save future Government retirees thousands of dollars over their retirement lifetimes. And, while you are a guru, you still have the “heart of a teacher.” Thank you very much. I will be recommending your course to everyone I know, for sure.Special Programs Manager
Debbie is knowledgeable about each aspect of her presentation and answered every one of my questions. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to ask questions. Biologist, USFWS
I sincerely appreciate the in-depth, easy to understand explanations and examples. Valuable information was provided in a professional and concise manner. Debbie’s knowledge of the material and discussion of previously encountered questions was invaluable. She covered things we didn’t even know to ask. This is the best class I have ever attended.”Chief Human Capital, Air Force
The best part for me, was the presentation of real-life examples, computations, and the discussion of choices to be made at retirement. The instructor has an independent, un-biased perspective regarding the retirement benefits options. Supervisory Agent, IRS
Tomorrow will be my last day in the office as I am retiring. If it wasn’t for your awesome retirement seminars, I personally would have been lost in preparing my retirement paperwork. Because of your classes, I am retiring with confidence. Debbie thank you so much for the services you’ve provided to the Los Angeles District through your retirement sessions in Arizona, Las Vegas and Southern California. Everyone from my District that has attended one of your sessions, has praised you as the “best”. District Training Coordinator, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The organization of the material within the boo is fantastic. Debbie is a very knowledgeable and natural teacher. She knows how to get this detailed and comprehensive information across to every person regardless of their position or education level. Engineer, AFOTEC
Ms. Hatch presents this critical information in such an easy-to-understand manner! I finally feel that I can actually retire. Procurement Analyst, USTRANSCOM
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The instructor effectively tailored this course to the interests of the group. The information is critical for new employees as well as those nearing retirement. District Manager, SSA
I took the class a couple years ago. I have referred to the book countless times. I am now retiring and I was able to make election easily because of what I learned from you. Fire Chief, USAF
Excellent explanations! Debbie presents everything in such a detailed way that any confusion is eliminated. Everyone should attend this class!! Immigration Officer, USCIS
Thank you for all your sage advice. I am facing retirement with unbridled enthusiasm mainly because I know everything is in place.Lt Col, AFRC
Best instructor I’ve ever had! Professional and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. What I learned from this class will help me to help our employees. Thank you so much!HR Specialist, Bureau of Public Debt
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The instructor is extremely conversant on all topics – not only CSRS and FERS but also how civil service and military programs interface with Social Security, Medicare, etc. None of my questions were left unanswered. Since so much of retirement planning is essentially “self-help” and much of it are things employees don’t work with regularly. This course is vital to ensure all the benefits and responsibilities are well understood. Quality Assurance Specialist, NASA
From all appearances, you really enjoy what you do. While it’s a business, I hope you also recognize the impact you have on people’s lives. The retirement process would be much more intimidating without the knowledge I picked up in your course. The impact of what I learned will help me the rest of my life. Given the number of people you’ve helped over the years, that’s quite a legacy. Thank you so much. Physician, Veteran’s Affairs
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Debbie Hatch is dedicated and passionate about this subject. Her desire is to empower every employee by providing the information necessary to make intelligent and informed retirement decisions. Fortunately, I have come to know her on a personal level as well. She is an amazing, driven and inspiring powerhouse who’s positive energy is contagious. She brings that energy to her classes and personal consultations in an effort to motivate her students to make choices that will create their best possible life – before and after retirement.

Supply Chain Security Specialist
What a well informed instructor. She kept my interest. The handbook and reference materials are outstanding. Fiscal Tech, SSA
The best part for me, was the presentation of real-life examples, computations, and the discussion of choices to be made at retirement. The instructor has an independent, un-biased perspective regarding the retirement benefits options. Supervisory Agent, IRS
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Very thorough discussions about a variety of difficult topics. Informative. Helpful. Well worth my time and money. I finally understand my options! Admin Officer, USFS
Debbie Hatch is one of the most ethical and professional trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. She’s easy to work with and always provides factual, up-to-date information (not everyone does). Executive Officer, HHS
Thank you so much for answering our questions so clearly. We had read/reviewed a couple books on Social Security and were more confused after finishing them than when we started. These were questions for which we could not figure out the answers even with the books. This information will help us move forward.Federal Employee Spouse
You really do make me less ‘anxious’ about all this…thanks for ‘holding my hand’! Have a great week and know you are very much appreciated!Financial Management Specialist, Research Laboratory
I recently took the FERS training. I love how you explained everything: so very clear. I also appreciate the references. Thank you so much. Registered Nurse, DVA
First, let me say how extremely helpful your FERS class was. Thank you for such a well-organized and well-delivered presentation! I definitely appreciate it.Computer Scientist, SDDC
This instructor has an exceptional level of knowledge on the subjects of retirement and benefits. I’ve been to many retirement seminars over the years but never got much out of them. Debbie’s way of presenting the material is excellent. I learned more about my benefits, in just a couple hours, than I did from all of the previous seminars combined. Civil Engineer, USACE
What a great class. Debbie is a great instructor! Such a wealth of valuable knowledge. Natural Resources Specialist, Bureau of Reclamation
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This information is so important for all employees! Younger employees need to know how to plan, now!Paralegal Analyst, USA
Debbie knows her stuff. The fact that she was a federal employee herself definitely shows; and she loves what she does! I would recommend every federal employee take this class. It is helpful and well structured to ensure everyone understands what they should start looking at for retirement. Customs & Border Protection Officer, DHS
I ordered the book and read it in one sitting. It’s so easy to understand. Such a quick read. I absolutely love it!IT Specialist, USAF
Remember when you were preparing for finals? You’d cram all of the information in every night, up until the day of the exam. You sit down, open the test, and realize that you have forgotten everything that you’ve studied. You look over the one sheet of notes that you’re allowed to bring, but now you have forgotten why you put most of the information on the page. You panic as you realize that your time is running out . . .

That can be your experience as you prepare for Open Season for Federal Employees. Lots of information, lots of reading, lots of dead ends and convoluted data. The window for open season is very short and before you know it time is up and you’re stuck with decisions that you’ve made until the next open season. What about retirement? What if you put in your paperwork for retirement only to realize that if you would have taken advantage of certain opportunities earlier in your career you would be much better off. What if you had a tutor, someone to coach you through the exam while you’re taking it? That’s what Deborah Hatch is. She will coach you until and through open season so that you will be able to take advantage of all opportunities that are available for you. Although she will answer questions for your unique situation she will NOT take the test for you. Only you know what’s best for your own circumstances and she can only present you options. I have greatly benefited from Debbie’s advice; the open season doesn’t seem as frightening as it once was. If you don’t want to miss out on tips for retirement and be well prepared for open season then you need to talk to Debbie! She answered a question that I had for months in a matter of minutes! Even after I read it from the OPM website and the references she provided to me, the way she put it made more sense! a Federal Contracting Specialist and Personal Client

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