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I want you to fall in love with your dream for retirement – and here’s how...

You’re in the right place

It’s great to have someone show you what worked for them. It’s EVEN BETTER to have someone show you exactly what will work for YOU! That’s what I do. I’m a retirement specialist so you don’t have to be. You’re not alone. When you work with me, you’re going to finally understand the system and processes to be able to retire and enjoy the next chapter of life. I work with all people at any stage of career and offer a range of ways for us to connect. Take a look…

[Breaking] The Retirement Code

Simplifying Your Federal Retirement

In this online course, I’ll take you through the same retirement planning process I’ve been using in the classroom for almost 20 years. You’ll see videos of me in the classroom, interacting with students. Watch them when, where, and as many times as is convenient for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know to master retirement planning, all in one place.

Personal Consulting

Me, You, and Your Life Partner Too

If DIY is not something you’re comfortable with, or you just wanted an added level of confidence and assurance, I offer private consultations. We’ll speak, virtually, about your retirement plans and concerns, after you share your known questions, concerns, and documentation. Plus, if you’re married or have a life partner, that person can (and should) be involved in the process too.

Virtual Workshops

Get retirement planning sessions LIVE at home!

In today’s professional environment – even without a pandemic – it can be difficult to bring everyone to one geographical location for training. Not only do many agencies have shrinking education and training budgets, but the nature of our environment with telework and geographically dispersed employees makes it challenging. All of my live sessions can be presented virtually – in four or seven hour blocks – so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Seminars

Spend a day with me and your colleagues

Whether this is a seminar hosted by your agency, or you pay for a seat in one of my community classes, you’ll learn from a seasoned retirement specialist (aka me!) in an interactive environment surrounded by other federal employees with the same concerns, experiences, and benefits as you. I can also create one-off classes specifically tailored to your agency.

Success Stories

Free "Roadmap to Retirement"

Things you need to know now and at every point until you retire.

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86% of federal employees have less than $250,000 saved for retirement. (Source: Thrift Savings Program Congressional Report).

Overwhelmed and uncertain?

You’re not alone – and I’m here for you!

I know you’re afraid of being left by yourself in old age and not having enough money to take care of yourself. I’m here to tell you that saving for your retirement isn’t selfish, it’s actually really smart. I want you to feel confident that you can help your kids get through college, or that your grandchildren will be taken care of as they grow. You can do everything you want to and have the money to retire at the same time. But you have to make the first step – decide that you want a better future and know that the right support has arrived – I’m here and ready to help.