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ABCs (and D) of Basic Budgeting

A free live webinar for anyone who wants to learn about how to look at budgeting from a different perspective. It is NOT deprivation. Budgeting actually gives you freedom. Freedom from that guilty feeling after you know you’ve spent money you don’t really have. Freedom to buy that $300 item because you incorporated that goal into your savings habits. Budgeting is understanding your money. What’s coming in? What’s going out?

Questions from the Classroom - Live videos!

To help you really get to the heart of what you need to do, I go LIVE every Friday on my Facebook page and answer your questions in 20 minutes or less. If you miss a live, don’t worry – I post past videos to my YouTube channel and there’s an entire library of information there, ready and waiting for you!

FREE ‘Roadmap to retirement’

I’ve created this guide to help you navigate planning for retirement now, and into the future. It’s free and a great resource to have to kickstart your journey.

Check out my blog!

To keep up to date with the latest in retirement news and federal benefits, take a look at my blog.

Retirement FAQ

Does Your Temporary Time Count Towards Your FERS Retirement?

Will Your Service Computation Date Change After You Buy Back Your Active Duty Time?

Please Explain the OASDI and Medicare Taxes and If They Continue To Come Out After Retirement?

Is it Worth it To Do the Military Buy Back As A Young New Employee?

Does the High 3 Count for Temporary Promotions?

What Is the Federal Employees Life Insurance Based on After Retirement?

ABCs (and D) of Basic Budgeting

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