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We’re Aging. Are you Ready?

Pinnacle Personnel Services, LLC  |  Debbie Hatch We’re Aging.  Are you Ready? By 2030 – just 10 short years from now – the U.S. Census Bureau projects that all baby boomers will be older than

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Protect Yourself From Data Breaches

Pinnacle Personnel Services LLC  |  Debbie Hatch I was a victim in both of the past Office of Personnel Management data breaches, as well as the July 2018 Equifax one.  The latest banking breach, at

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Wednesday Wellness: Big City Hike

Pinnacle Personnel Services LLC  |  Debbie Hatch A couple days ago, I received an email from REI which started: “Living in a major U.S. city means you can find just about anything, from late-night slices

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