Financial Assistance for Military Families

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In the military with a recently unemployed spouse?

Feeling the financial pinch of COVID-19?

Officials with Army Emergency Relief (AER) said they’ve extended eligibility to any Title 10 Army Reserve or Title 10 or Title 32 Army National Guard soldier activated in support of COVID-19 relief.  The expansion gives access to the program’s grants and loans to about 28,000 additional troops,.   Help is available for any basic living or personal transportation expense.  This includes things like rent, mortgage, utilities, food, car payments, insurance, and gas.

Among the assistance Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) provides to active-duty users is an up-to-$500 quick assistance loan, traditional loans and grants.

Officials with the Air Force Aid Society said they have staff at Airman and Family Readiness Centers nationwide ready to administer help as needed.  The Air Force Aid Society gives out both grants and interest-free loans. Qualifying users include active-duty and retired Air Force members and their dependents, and the dependents of deceased Air Force personnel who died on active duty or in retired status.

Officials at Coast Guard Mutual Assistance said they are providing loans up to $6,000 for loss of pay by a spouse, needs for child care due to school closure, lodging and food costs while quarantined. They also have limited grants for those facing travel change fees. Eligible users include active-duty Coast Guard members; Coast Guard retirees; Coast Guard civilian and auxiliary employees; and U.S. Public Health Service officers and chaplains.

While military retirees may qualify for assistance from the aid societies, many veterans do not. The Independence Fund announced that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is providing help to catastrophically disabled veterans, caregivers and families.  Expenses may include rent or mortgage, child care, transportation services, home WiFi, household cleaning and upkeep, grocery and medical product delivery, and streaming services for work/education.


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