Mindset Matters Most: It’s Not Just a Tagline

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Do I always feel like working out? Oh, hell no.
Exercise is as much mental for me as it is physical. That’s always been the case.
Mindset matters most! It’s not just a tag line.
For example:
I was working on the computer this morning when a reminder popped up in my calendar. “Orange Theory Fitness in one hour.”

Reminder: OTF 1 hour

I didn’t feel like going to the gym. I was just enjoying an espresso and settling in to get some work done.
I had made an appointment last week. I’m home very rarely and get to go to this class very rarely. I love my weights but cardio vascular health and flexibility are also important – especially as we age. In a perfect world (if I didn’t have work or other commitments) I’d do all three a couple times a week.
Alas. There are only 24 hours in each day and I DO work as well as run a business.
Weights are my multi-purpose. They clearly help with strength. With increased reps, they provide cardio vascular benefits, and they help my flexibility too.
Once or twice a month, I do interval training at OTF. At the same frequency, I get into the yoga studio. I can do all of these things (lift, cardio and yoga) on my own but I know myself.
I work harder and keep my commitment better in a group setting.
That’s a fact! And, so…I leave the house.
Back to this morning then. I talked myself through it. I HAD made the reservation. If I cancelled, it would cost me one of my pre-purchased visits. I definitely didn’t want to forfeit that coupon so I got dressed and drove to OTF.
This class is broken down into 25 minutes of weights/rower and 25 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.
I didn’t feel like pushing myself. I talked myself through it. If I don’t push myself, or I do, the same amount of time is going to pass. I have one hour in here to commit to myself. I can use that time (work as hard as I possibly can on this day) or waste it (go through the motions but not push myself at all). I definitely hate wasting my time so I started to work. One set into the weights and my body started to respond. Yes! Endorphins ramped up. Yes! This is awesome. You got this.
Showing up is 90% of the equation. Something is always better than nothing. Do what YOU can do on this day but do something.


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