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We’re not single-dimensional beings.  We can be great at our jobs AND also do many other things.  What do you do in your spare time?  I have a lot of hobbies.  I love to ride motorcycles (dirt and street), backpack/hike, scuba dive, take pictures, and lift weights.

By day – mild mannered instructor. By night – powerlifter.

I currently hold 4 American records in powerlifting.  A few months ago I set records for Masters, age 50-54, 60 kg class in the deadlift (308 – I’m currently at 315), squat (209), bench press (132 – I’m currently at 153), and meet total (650).

I lift for several reasons.

1. We lose muscle as we age. I want to go into that phase of my life with as much as possible.

2.  Lifting weights and movements like the squat and deadlift will help me keep my balance, pick myself up if I fall, be able to use the toilet, and get in/out of the car and chair, as I age.

3.  As we age our bones weaken.  This is especially true after menopause due to lower estrogen levels.  Weight bearing exercise builds bone mineral density.

4.  Exercise is great for stress reduction and enhancing mood!



5. I love being strong. It makes me feel capable and empowered.




6. I’ve always been competitive but the support of women lifters in this sport is incredible!  The photo below was taken at a mock meet in Minneapolis.  I met most of these women, for the first time, only the day before.  I had just finished a grinder of a squat (the most challenging lift for me of the Big 3).  You can feel how happy these women were for me. We were competing against one another but in an environment of camaraderie and support. Everybody wanted every single person to succeed at their personal goals.

It’s amazing when the people around you want you to succeed!!  This is true in Powerlifting, at work, and within our personal lives.  I strive to surround myself with these types of people:  positive, optimistic, and supportive.

It is a personal goal to BE one of these people!

…in all aspects of my life.


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