Wednesday Wellness: Big City Hike

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A couple days ago, I received an email from REI which started:

“Living in a major U.S. city means you can find just about anything, from late-night slices to public transportation, at any time, day or night. But there’s one luxury that’s often harder to find in a metropolis: epic trails.”


I was in Los Angeles several weeks ago and hiked up to the Hollywood sign. Not incredibly strenuous although there is a steep (paved) hill when you get close to the sign.  It was a little over 4 miles round trip and the views were fantastic. It was fun and what I had access to.





My whole approach to health and fitness is that something is always better than nothing.  I use the tag line, “What I can.  When I can, with what’s available at the time.”  This hike was perfect.  It was fun, picturesque, and what I had access to at the time.



I’ve spent time in various city parks and also taken several walking / bicycling tours.


If you’re in a metropolitan area, what are some of your favorite locations for a little outside exercise?  I travel a lot and I’m always interested in adding places to my personal list.

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