People Make Mistakes – Sometimes Even on the Important Stuff

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It’s part of the human condition, after all.


I want to share an article that was sent to me a few minutes ago.  I’m sharing it because it’s wrong.

My intent is not to shame the author – people do make mistakes. Sometimes those are really important things not to get wrong but still, we’re humans.

A former student who wants to retire under MRA+10 also desperately wants to receive the FERS Annuity Supplement. I get it. That’s a nice addition to the FERS Annuity.

Unfortunately, though, she won’t receive the Supplement. MRA+10 does NOT ever come with the Supplement. I’ve sent her the OPM regulation (Chapter 51 CSRS/FERS Handbook, 5 U.S.C. 8421 and 8421a, and 5 CFR 842, Subpart E) stating as much. Yet, she really wants it. She’s looking for any glimmer of hope and doesn’t like the answer I’m giving.

So she keeps sending me, “but I found this” and “but, so and so (even my HR – which is both sad and concerning) says I’ll get it” messages.

Today she’s doing “research” on Google and came across this article from last October.

I truly believe Mr. Jones simply made a typo in the article. Look at his wording. “Even if you are under age 62 when you apply for your annuity, you’ll be entitled to receive the special retirement supplement…” If he meant, “you’ll get the supplement” he would have written, “If you are under age 62 when you retire” not “even if”.

I would tell him as much except the comment section on the article is corrupt. I can type but when I try to post, it acts crazy and makes my screen flutter. So, I’m at least posting it here:  for the audience that trusts me to provide accurate information. Please note: I can and do make human mistakes too – but I rectify them the second they are brought to my attention.  This article should have been corrected or rescinded back in October.

What’s my point?

There’s a TON of retirement information “out there”.
There are a ton of people who write articles and blogs on the topic.

There’s a ton of great information.
There are a ton of errors, typos, misunderstandings, and false assumptions.


You can answer shop. You will likely find some article, somewhere that supports your thought. That doesn’t mean it’s factual.

Federal Times is just a company – like mine. It is not a component of the federal government. It is not OPM.  Reg Jones is a good person.  He’s trying to help.  He made a mistake.  Unfortunately it’s a big one.



Here’s what OPM says. Look at page 13. 

If you retire under FERS – with a disability, MRA+10 (postponed), or deferred retirement, you will not receive the supplement. I don’t care how many articles you find telling you otherwise.

Just trying to keep it real. Thanks for being here. Thanks for trusting me. I am a human.  I make mistakes but promise to try my best to back up everything I say with the regulatory reference. This is important! Really important.


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