Healthy Nutrition in Just Five Habits

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Did you know I’m a certified personal trainer?
Or that I hold two national certifications in nutrition?

Some people might view these facts as nothing more than, interesting, in a passing thought kind of way.  How much could personal training have to do with retirement?

While I don’t think health-related skills are “required” to teach, I see these fields of study as congruent with retirement training.

Let me explain.

We are living longer than ever.

We may be in retirement for a very long time.

It’s certainly in our best interest to be as healthy as possible throughout this next phase of life. How much better will retirement be if we maintain strength, stability, flexibility, and balance throughout our older years?

It’s snowing in Nebraska today. I’ve taken the opportunity to complete my recurring bi-annual examination through Precision Nutrition.

This is an excellent program focused on five healthy habits. As we’re only a few days on this side of Thanksgiving, and rapidly approaching a major holiday season with lots of treats and sweets, I thought I’d share.

(1) Eat slowly and stop when you are 80% full.

(2) Eat protein dense foods with each meal.

(3) Eat vegetables with each meal.

(4) For fat loss, eat a majority of other carbohydrates after exercise.

(5) Eat healthy fats daily.

Try implementing only one change at a time.    Once it has become a habit, then you can add another one.  We’re looking at the long game:  slow and steady is the way to go.

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